Cuando la música se convierte en inspiración

Cuando la música se convierte en inspiración y la inspiración se transforma en historias es cuando nace Non-Girly Blue.

Somos un experimento literario conformado por mujeres amantes de las letras y la música. Cada quince días nos alternamos para recomendar una canción sobre la cual las demás non-girly blues soltamos la imaginación y nos inspiramos para escribir... escribir relatos, historias, cuentos, personajes y a veces hasta poemas. ¿Y por qué no pues?

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Relato inspirado en What it Takes de Aerosmith


She lay in bed and looked at him. She was breathing thoughts of what this man is to her. He looked back at her and his stare asked her what was on her mind. “You’re like an addictive substance” she began, “you get me high, you know? What you make feel is so good I feel my heart touches the ceiling and leaves my ribcage. This state altering taste leaves me wanting another hit of you.” You cannot tell whether he is intrigued or flattered, though it is most obvious that she speaks with passion. She continues saying “At the same time, there are no words for how bad it feels when I am left without a fix of you. You’re not good for me. Paradoxically, you make everything worse. The memory of you is too good. You’re my drug of choice, nevertheless.”

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