Cuando la música se convierte en inspiración

Cuando la música se convierte en inspiración y la inspiración se transforma en historias es cuando nace Non-Girly Blue.

Somos un experimento literario conformado por mujeres amantes de las letras y la música. Cada quince días nos alternamos para recomendar una canción sobre la cual las demás non-girly blues soltamos la imaginación y nos inspiramos para escribir... escribir relatos, historias, cuentos, personajes y a veces hasta poemas. ¿Y por qué no pues?

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"45:33" - LCD Soundsystem

     "Calm down. Keep it cool. Remember to breathe..." -John whispered while was looking for a latch, a crack, anything he could use to get through that thick bullet-proof window that separated him from freedom. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" He screamed while smashing his fist on the glass. He turned around only to find an endless dark room. "This is it. Game over. Fucking Sharon was right". He realized he was trapped, like a rat in a cage. That no matter what he did, he could not escape. They got him, and execution was only a matter of hours. 

     He was breathing heavily, sweat coming down from his forehead. For the first time since his first day at the academy, he was terrified. "No escape at all." He murmured while he took a desperate look at the room for a door, a gap in the ceiling, anything that he could use as an escape door. 

     "Don't close the door. Just don't close the damn door." He laughed in dispair. "How could I've been this stupid and close the door? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Door: open. Shot in the head. What could be so possibly difficult about that?" 
     "John?" -a voice came from the other side of the room. 
     "Oh great! Just fucking great! My kind of lucky day. Fucking Sharon was right about everything! Not even a thousand drills could save me from my own stupidity." He collapsed by the wall next to the closed door. 
    "John?" -asked the voice. "John, what time is it?"
    "I said... What time is it?"
    "What? Why?
    "They should be here by now... But... Somehow they're not. The door has a 33 minutes auto-lock sequence. It guess it's been... What? 45 minutes already? And they haven't showed up yet."
     He looked at his watch. 21:45. 
     "Shit! You're right."
     "Like hell I am."
     "This must be some kind of a joke. A set-up..."
     "Or not." 

     John realized he was not talking to Jane, she would never know such an information about lock sequences or security matters. Whoever he was talking to, had a lot of information he was missing, and by the serious tone of her voice, he knew it was very important information. 

     "You're not Jane."
     "And you're not the smartest ass in the Force."
     "Shut up! Don't you dare to press my buttons or I will..."
     "Or you will what? Kill me for the second time? Considering how you missed while there was still light in the room, I highly doubt you can shoot me in the dark." She laughed. "Now shut up smarty boy, if you want to get out of this and avoid execution, we must work together on this."
     "All right! Fine! Whatever!"
     "I'm Harris. Detec-"
     "Detective Joan Harris?"
     "The same."

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